Stock up while supplies last on our CLEARANCE soaps!!!  Once they are gone they are gone!  These aren’t pieces or sample bars, they are full sized bars that just didn’t sell and we need to move them to a loving home.

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There are times when we make a soap and it just doesn’t sell.  Other times we make a soap only for a certain time of year (summer, fall, winter, etc.) and we have some left over.  Eventually, this is where they end up, in the CLEARANCE SOAP BIN.  Yes, you read that correctly, we are selling some of our beautiful, skin loving soaps on CLEARANCE from 50% off up to 90% off!!!  These are full size (at least 4 ounce) bars in their original packaging.

You can also select our “Box of Rando’s” which is a box of 10 random discontinued soaps for $6!!! That’s only $0.60 cents per bar!!!!!

Grab them now before they are sold out!!!

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Pumpkin Beer, Himalayan Salt, Mint Brownie, Fresh Linen, Box of Rando's

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